Project Management Essentials

Jan | Feb | Mar 2022
3 Days
Online Live | Onsite


If you are taking this course, you probably have some exposure to managing projects, or you may be considering embarking on a career as a professional project manager. Your ability as a project manager to demonstrate best practices in project management on the job is becoming the standard to compete in today’s fast-paced and highly technical workplace. In this course, you will apply the generally recognized practices of project management to successfully manage projects.


  • In this course, you will apply recognized practices of project management to manage a project from start to finish.
    You will :
    • Identify the basic concepts of project management.
    • Launch a project.
    • Estimate project work.
    • Create a project schedule.
    • Plan project costs.
    • Plan for project risks.
    • Plan for project quality and compliance.
    • Manage human and physical resources for the project.
    • Manage project procurements.
    • Plan for change management and monitor the project scope.
    • Monitor and optimize project schedule and cost.
    • Monitor the quality of the project work and the risks involved.
    • Plan communication strategies and manage stakeholder relationships.
    • Close a project .


This course is designed for any individual who might need to perform project management activities in their job role on either a formal or informal basis, or any individual who wants to build upon their current project management knowledge to be more productively involved on a project team.


To ensure your success in this course, you should be familiar with basic project management concepts and have some working experience with project management. Experience with a specific project management software tool is not required. Basic computing skills and some experience using Microsoft® Office is desirable but not required.


  • Define Project Management Basics
  • Identify Influencing Factors
  • Define Project Management Certifications
  • How Organizations Choose the Right Project
  • Identify Project Stakeholders and Their Expectations
  • Authorize a Project
  • Identify the Project Scope
  • Develop a WBS
  • Identify the Relationships between Work Packages
  • Identify Resources
  • Estimate Time
  • Develop a Project Schedule
  • Create a Schedule Baseline
  • Establish Project Costs
  • Establish the Cost Baseline
  • Reconcile Funding and Costs
  • Create a Risk Management Plan
  • Identify Risks and Their Causes
  • Analyze Risks
  • Develop a Risk Response Plan
  • Deliver the Desired Project Results
  • Verify Compliance Requirements
  • Plan Your Project Team
  • Assemble the Team
  • Develop the Team
  • Manage the Team
  • Plan for Project Procurements
  • Obtain Responses from Vendors
  • Select the Right Vendor
  • Manage Vendors and Procurements
  • Prepare for Project Execution
  • Manage Project Changes
  • Monitor the Project Scope
  • Monitor and Control the Project Schedule
  • Optimize the Project Schedule
  • Monitor and Control Project Cost
  • Monitor and Control Risks
  • Put Quality Plans into Action
  • Control Project Quality
  • Communicate During a Project
  • Distribute Project Information
  • Manage Stakeholder Relationships and Expectations
  • Report on Project Performance
  • Deliver the Final Product
  • Close Project Procurements
  • Close the Project


Mark Steele

Mark is certified trainer with 20+ years of experience in gulf and London. He has trained batches, corporates, individuals and companies from all over the world.

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