Customer Service

Jan | Feb | Mar 2022
1 Days
Online Live | Onsite


In this course, students will explore the background and techniques of customer interactions.


  • Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
    • Acquire tools to provide quality customer service and make lasting impressions on customers.
    • Explore how customers define the success of your company, as well as a customer’s emotional behaviors, and how that sensitivity influences his or her decision making.
    • Discover techniques to increase customer satisfaction through your behavior, sensitivity, and respect.
    • Examine the techniques for providing service through face-to-face contact, the factors that contribute to the success of that contact, and the benefits of actively listening to your customers.
    • Identify the stages of customer management and recognize who your internal customers are. You will also explore value chain management and how to make positive long-term decisions that add value to your company.
    • Identify the guidelines for dealing with unreasonable and irate customers.
    • Take action to increase the loyalty of the customers you serve.
    • Increase sales via customer service.


  • Describe Customer Service Benefits
  • Recognize the Importance of Internal Customer Service
  • Identify How Customer Service Benefits You
  • Excel with Customer Service
  • Recognize Trends in Customer Service
  • Identify Criteria for Customer Satisfaction
  • Identify Characteristics of the Personal Touch
  • Create Lasting Positive Impressions on Your Customers
  • Identify Categories of Face-to-Face Contact
  • Understand the Critical Success Factors in Face-to-Face Customer Service
  • Identify the Characteristics of Active Listening
  • Identify Remote Customer Service Communication Channels
  • Apply Remote Customer Service Best Practices
  • Serve Difficult Customers
  • Manage Angry Customers
  • Deal with Difficult or Unhelpful Colleagues
  • Optimize Moments of Truth
  • Recognize the Value of Customer Complaints
  • Identify the Stages of the Service Recovery Process


Mark Steele

Mark is certified trainer with 20+ years of experience in gulf and London. He has trained batches, corporates, individuals and companies from all over the world.

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