Continuous Testing Foundation

Jan | Feb | Mar 2022
2 Days
Online Live | Onsite


The Continuous Testing Foundation course specifically addresses testing in a DevOps environment. It describes culture and team aspects for team engineers, test strategies, test infrastructures, test tools, test automation, best practices, test management, and analysis.


  • The learning objectives for DTE include a practical understanding of:
  • • The purpose, benefits, concepts and vocabulary of DevOps testing
  • • How DevOps testing differs from other types of testing
  • • DevOps testing strategies, test management and results analysis
  • • Strategies for selecting test tools and implementing test automation
  • • Integration of DevOps testing into Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery workflows
  • • How DevOps testers fit with a DevOps culture, organization and roles

The target audience for the DevOps Test Engineering course is anyone involved in defining a DevOps Testing strategy, such as:

Delivery Staff, DevOps Engineers, IT Managers, Project Managers, Lab Staff, Maintenance and Support Staff, Quality Assurance Managers, Quality Assurance Teams, Release Managers, Testers, & Software Engineers


The DevOps Foundation certification is a prerequisite for DevOps Test Engineering to ensure participants are aligned with the baseline DevOps definitions and principles.


  • DevOps Testing Terminology
  • Culture changes
  • Organization changes
  • Process and team friction
  • Motivation strategies
  • Measuring Success
  • Continuous Evolution
  • Troubleshooting
  • DevOps Testing on the pipeline
  • Test strategy choices
  • Pre-Flight strategies
  • Continuous Integration Testing
  • System, Delivery and Customer Testing
  • Test Environments
  • Lab Management
  • Topology orchestration
  • Test Tools
  • Selection criterion
  • Automated metrics
  • Key concepts


Mark Steele

Mark is certified trainer with 20+ years of experience in gulf and London. He has trained batches, corporates, individuals and companies from all over the world.

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